Job Seekers:

What can I do to make my resume stand out?

The resume is simply a way to open a door.  Resume should be succinctly written - no more than one to two pages of work experience and education, one page cover letter that best describes your strengths, which should closely match the requirements for the job.

What if I lack qualifications or experience?

PHRS has qualified staff to assist job seekers in finding jobs that best fit their qualifications and/or experience.

Why should I go through PHRS instead of submitting an application directly to an employer?

While every candidate can submit applications to employers, PHRS has the tools and wide network to easily find the right employer for the right job and the right person.

What happens when I submit my resume to PHRS and how do you determine whom to send to interviews?

Applications are submitted online. This makes it easier for the job seeker to apply. PHRS refers qualified job seekers to the employer .  However, PHRS keeps a database of all job seekers for future job vacancies.  


What is the value of having an HR consultant such as PHRS?

There may be several reasons to hire a consultant such as PHRS.  Short term projects or the need for expertise may require a consultant versus hiring a full-time or part-time employee.

What can I expect from a performance audit?

Performance audits help businesses determine if they are on the right track with their  local and federal requirements and statues.   This also helps identify strengths and weaknesses either in their workforce or in their operations.  Through a performance audit, businesses can identify the necessary steps to achieving their goals, mission and vision.

What kind of talent pool does PHRS have?

PHRS has an inventory pool of applicants for construction, hospitality, retail, finance, transportation, health and a variety of other industries.  We have applicants with experience ranging from entry to executive level.

What sets PHRS apart from other organizations offering the same services?
  1. PHRS has an unparalleled team of experts in HR management and consulting.
  2. PHRS helps businesses develop strategies to increase their bottom line and engage and ensure employees are used effectively in the workplace.
  3. PHRS’ approach is holistic.  We are your one stop solution for all your HR needs.
  4. PHRS has an unmatched network of resources and expertise relevant to the current economic environment.

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