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Hafa Adai! Welcome to PHRS's Staffing and Recruiting Page! Here is an overview of the different services that we have for you.

Our Services Regarding Staffing
We offer three main staffing services: 1.) Temporary Staffing, (includes Temp. to Hire); 2.) Full Recruitment (also called Direct Hire) Services, and 3.) Recruitment Service Outsourcing.  

1.) Temporary Staff Services
We send you qualified associates for the position.  You may use them for a specific term (project based) or you may convert them to a full-time employee.  We conduct reference checks on all our associates, as well as drug testing and skills testing.  If your position has any other certification requirements, we can request for those as well.

2.) Full Recruitment Services (also called Direct Hire)
For Full Recruitment, or direct hires, we screen all candidates based on the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for the position based on the job description you submit to us.  We can conduct the interviews of all candidates as per agreed to terms, drug screening and background checks (police and court clearances included).  We will draft an agreement that specifies a certain recruitment margin for our services, should you decide to hire the candidate. We guarantee the candidate for the first 90 days of work, and will replace them with a qualified candidate if there is need to do so. You will not be charged until your position is filled. It is as simple as that!

3.) Recruitment Service Outsourcing
Full Recruitment Services is for outsourcing your recruitment process.  PHRS has different rates or can outline another agreement for advertised campaigns and job fairs to recruit a large number of employees to fit your needs.  In these cases, PHRS may ask for a retainer to pay for advertisements, additional background checks, scheduling of interviews, etc., all of which will be outlined in the agreement.

We invite you to visit our office on the third floor of the Para Oceana Business Center (across Pacific Laundry and McDonalds in Harmon) and meet our team.  You can send us an email if you are interested in hiring temporary staffing or recruitment services, or fill out the Staffing Services Job order form below and return it to us via email or fax.  Thank you.

--Jeff Vitkovitsky, Business Development Manager
Staffing & Recruiting Services


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